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5.0 out of 5 stars Oil enough to spare, June 23, 2004
By A Customer
I agree with the reviewer from Arizona that the book itself drifts from subject to subject, is not very well written, reads like a diary, and is outdated and undocumented. BUT ... none of this is the point of this book. Lindsey's goal was simply to make the public aware of what he saw and experienced during construction of the Alaska Oil Pipeline. The book is a testimonial. Read the review of the person from Montana. I concur.

Once again we're all being told that we're in an "energy crisis." (Been there ... done that already!) The price of fuel is above $2 per gallon and is sure to hit $5. The United States has oil deposits all over (or should I say, under) its holdings. Get real! SOMEBODY is controlling the supply of both petroleum and natural gas to the public. There is no need of a shortage. THAT'S the point of the book, and Rev. Lindsey's message.

And, by the way, "conspiracies" DO exist ... and they are only "theories" if they are unproven.

5.0 out of 5 stars There is as much oil in Alaska as Arabia, January 25, 2002
By "rce33" (Missoula, Montana United States) - See all my reviews
Although dated, having been written in the early 70's, the testimony of Rev. Lindsay is valuable. The author is a simple, but Godly man who only states what he saw, and came to the obvious conclusions. It is amazing how brainwashed people are that they revile anyone who speaks the truth. Those people who doubt Rev. Lindsay need to open their hearts and minds and investigate more on the matter. Rev. Lindsay, Chaplin on the Prudhoe Bay Pipeline, the largest construction project in history to that time, having executive status, was present at the discovery of an oil field below Gull Isand the size of the Prudhoe Bay pool. The gov't forced the oil companies to keep quiet or else they'd shut them down with over regulation. Rev. Lindsay saw the gusher come in and was there when the test results came in. We need to stop financing the Arab weapons progams against us and utilize our own abundant resources. The executive of the oil company at Gull Island told the pastor that there are many pools of oil like that at Prudhoe Bay under Alaska, but that the government won't let them be touched. Consistent with Lindsay's experience, I personally know of a deposit of oil in northwest Montana that is being concealed from the public. This is a good book for those investigating the international banking conspiracy.