Wednesday, April 1, 2009

SDR scheme was invented by the Rothschild cabal

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SDR scheme was invented by the Rothschild cabal

The Goldsmiths, Part LV, addressed the Chinese ideas on using the Special Drawing Rights as a new global reserve currency to take the place of the dollar. If you remember this thing, as it broke, President Obama came out with a strong no that he didn’t like the idea. The US Secretary of the Treasury echoed his boss. Then, almost immediately thereafter, Geithner did a complete, 180-degree, about face, and contradicted his boss by saying that the plan might have merit (obviously, Geithner received higher level instructions from someone else besides Obama).

That Goldsmiths article gave a brief backdrop on the Special Drawing Rights (SDR) and outlined that the fall out of such an effort would perhaps cause a sharp drop down on gold. It’s hard to say how far down or how fast down gold could go but we must leave prospects of $500 on the table. As a matter of fact, I earlier have read a prediction by an analyst of $500 gold. This projection was made some time ago and did not factor in the recent Chinese proposal.