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Everyday Ways You Damage Your DNA

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Everyday Ways You Damage Your DNA
Saturday, July 18, 2009 by: Kim Evans, citizen journalist

(NaturalNews) Scientists recently patted themselves on the back for discovering an "allergy gene." They say defects in this gene increase the likeliness that a person will develop allergies, so they want to screen entire future populations for this gene mutation and put them on drug treatments. Never mind that many people have eliminated allergies altogether with body cleansing, that`s another story. The story is that these scientists are claiming allergies are a genetic defect. But there`s something about this that you likely don`t know. The truth is: Our genes aren`t static.

It's a fact that our genes can and do change in our lifetimes. Lifestyle factors and environmental poisons can and do alter and damage our DNA. This passes the effects of our toxic habits and environment to our children, grandchildren, and every future generation of humans to inhabit the planet.

Actually, a number of everyday things can damage your DNA - some of them you`ve likely been exposed to in the last 24 hours. Want to know just a few?

Cell phone radiation
Radiation from cell phones is known to alter our DNA. Several studies (listed below) have shown this, yet the population remains unaware and continues to hold their cell phone next to their head, pointed at their brain.

A headset that runs the radiation through an air tube is one solution, as it is consistently using speakerphone. Many wireless headsets actually magnify the radiation to your brain, so they`re simply not good choices. Seaweed is known to pull radiation out of the body, and it protected many people after Hiroshima.

Insecticides are known to damage our DNA and you`re likely eating several insecticides with each non-organic meal. Even if you eat all organic food, many cities, and recently the California bay area, have sprayed insecticides into the open air. They do this, they say, to kill moths, mosquitoes, and the like, but the chemicals they`re using are known to change our DNA. Once in the air, these chemicals easily enter our body with each breath we take.

Plastics are also known to alter our DNA, and you might be thinking, "Thank goodness I don`t eat plastics." No, but you do breathe in their fumes and worst of all, plastics are easily absorbed into foods that are wrapped and packaged in them. And a lot of foods are wrapped and packaged in plastic.

According to Dr. Sherry Rogers, M.D., the average person`s intake of plastic, just from plastic wrapped food, is about 210 mcg per day. Plastic in the body is known to damage genes connected with several types of cancer.

As a population we`re playing with some pretty dangerous stuff as we move further and further from nature. And unless we want to create future populations of humans with more health problems than fingers, maybe we want to stop using everyday poisons without regard for the consequences. Perhaps we`ll also want to start detoxifying our bodies thoroughly to remove some of these poisons from our systems, before they cause irreparable damage to ourselves and our great, great, great grandchildren.

Detoxify or Die, Sherry Rogers, M.D.

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