Monday, July 20, 2009

Obama Health Care reform will destroy U.S. Jobs

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Why Obama's Health Care Reform Bill Will Destroy U.S. Jobs and Devastate the Economy

(NaturalNews) If you want to know why U.S. businesses increasingly outsource jobs to other countries, just add up the cost of doing business in America: As an employer, you have to pay not only higher wages than most other countries, but you also have to pay for the lost productivity and missed days due to the astonishingly poor health of the U.S. workforce.

Now, under the new Obama health care reform bill, you'll have to pay an additional eight percent of your payroll as a new tax to cover the costs of Big Government running its new sick-care system where nobody gets healthy, but everybody gets hammered with new taxes.

As a small business owner myself, I can tell you what this will cause in America: A massive shift of jobs out of the U.S. to other countries where health care costs are more reasonable (and the workers are healthier).

Taiwan, for example, is able to provide very high quality health care services to its entire population for roughly $30 a month, and that covers everything: Prenatal care, dental care, vision, surgeries, routine checkups, and so on. No one is denied coverage.

How is Taiwan able to provide first-world health care to its entire population at such affordable rates? Its government does not kow-tow to the pharmaceutical crooks that dominate American medicine. Taiwan runs a single payer system with no insurance companies mucking around with the paperwork or denying coverage to patients. On top of that, its population is far healthier than the U.S. population due to the fact that the traditional Taiwan diet is rich with real foods rather than processed foods. (This is changing, of course, as Taiwan adopts American fast food habits. The country will face increasing health care costs in the future if it continues to pursue American dietary habits...)

At the same time, doctors and medical staff in Taiwan don't make million-dollar salaries, either. They're paid well, but not the ridiculously high wages collected by medical specialists in the U.S. (Of course, they also don't have the burden of six-figure debt from medical schools hanging around their necks...)

Source: Natural News