Friday, July 24, 2009

Pentagon Furious at FOX

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In the spring of this year, the 2nd Battalion of The Rifles regiment of the British Army deployed to Afghanistan. Halfway through the battalion's tour, it has lost nine soldiers, with dozens injured.

Of those to have given their lives, four were teenagers. Here Rifleman Cyrus Thatcher, who was 19 when he was killed by an explosion near Gereshk seven weeks ago, tells his own story, through letters home and the last letter he left behind to bid farewell to his family ? his mother Helena, father Robin and brothers Zac, 21, and Steely, 17.

These are the words of a proud soldier described by his officers as possessing "a rucksack full of potential", and by his friends as a rascal always cracking jokes and helping to keep morale high. Most of all, they are the words of a young son to his mum, dad and brothers.

Source: alternet